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This period before your book comes out is such a weird one because you're right, it's such a liminal space! You're an author, but not everyone can read your book . . . but SOME people are reading your book and responding to it . . . it's just weird! At the same time I feel a little bit like Billy Madison clutching that kid's chubby little cheeks and telling him to stay as long as he can lol. You have so long to be on the OTHER side of the author journey that I'd def enjoy this quiet period! And GOOD FOR YOU for leaving places that don't serve you! Comparison is truly the thief of joy and when we see we're doing it to ourselves . . . time to get outta there. I feel like I had even more I meant to say but in the meantime, a) you're doing great; b) your cover IS serving sexy Scooby Doo and I'm here for it; and c) thank you for the Cold World shoutout!!!

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